3 Reasons for Taking Probiotics When Breastfeeding

Reasons for taking probiotics when breastfeeding

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Many mothers struggle with lactose intolerance while they are breastfeeding, which can cause uncomfortable bloating and gas problems. It’s possible to treat these symptoms by taking probiotics when breastfeeding.

Millions of women around the world are breastfeeding their babies. The practice is known to have a number of benefits for both mother and child, but it can also be difficult on the body.

In this blog, we look at three of the main reasons to take probiotics when breastfeeding and how they can help you find comfort.

The need for a healthy lifestyle

It’s quite a challenge to stay healthy during breastfeeding. On top of sleep deprivation, you are also responsible for providing your baby with all the nutrients he needs. And that is not an easy task if you don’t know how to do it properly.

You might think that by eating yogurt and other dairy products while breastfeeding, you can provide your baby with enough probiotics and vitamins, but this is not always the case.

The problem is that many people have lactose intolerance or simply cannot eat dairy products because they contain too much sugar which can harm their health in general.

If you want to ensure your child gets all the necessary nutrients without harming his health in any way, then there are only two options left:

  • take special supplements
  • get them from natural sources such as probiotic foods like kefir (which contains more than 100 strains of bacteria)
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The benefit of probiotics for babies

Many people are aware that probiotics travel through breast milk and that supporting the mother’s microbiota before, during, and after pregnancy has many benefits.

While nutrition and drugs can have an impact on the microbiome, so can taking a probiotic supplement, which many moms believe won’t make a difference once their baby is born.

Those who plan to breastfeed, on the other hand, can aid their child’s health by taking a probiotic supplement on a regular basis.

Here are three compelling arguments for taking probiotics during breastfeeding:

1. Enhanced microbiome for mum

The microbiome of a mother has a significant impact on the health of the child. Many individuals are unaware that, while nursing is a superior option to the alternatives, it can remove nutrients such as good bacteria from the mother’s body.

Naturally, this weakens the immune system to some extent, which has an impact on metabolism. You can help to reduce the influence that nursing has on the body’s natural flora by taking a probiotic supplement – and you could even feel healthier and more energetic as a result.

2. Your infant’s immune system

The status of one’s immune system has a direct impact on one’s health, especially in children. Because the gut contains 70% of the immune system, good bacteria and immunological health are mutually beneficial.

Breast milk can aid in the development of an infant’s immune system, and it will be even more beneficial if the mom takes a probiotic supplement. The more helpful bacteria provided to the gut microbiome of the newborn, the better.

3. Absorption of essential vitamins and minerals

The importance of vitamins and minerals in supporting good health is well understood by most individuals.

Probiotic bacteria, on the other hand, are responsible for not only the absorption of key minerals and nutrients but also the creation of important vitamins like folate.

It’s one of the main reasons why taking a probiotic supplement during breastfeeding can help your child live a healthy life.

In conclusion

Taking probiotics when breastfeeding has so many positive outcomes it seems a ‘no-brainer’. However, before you start taking any old probiotic supplement, check out some of our other articles that cover the various strains available and which ones are most suitable for you.

As always, seek professional advice to feel reassured in your choices and provide the peace of mind that you are looking after both yourself and your child.

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As an affiliate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links on this website from Amazon and other third parties.

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